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BMC CONTROL-M - an IT Workload Automation Platform

IT Workload Automation is an evolution of traditional job scheduling, encompassing online disciplines, integration with business applications, and scheduling based on external events. Unlike traditional job scheduling, Workload Automation suggests a much more comprehensive approach where the scheduling system reacts to and triggers real-time events. It is equipped with business intelligence, allowing it to dynamically optimize SLA workflows.

BMC CONTROL-M provides the technology to effectively implement IT Workload Automation across the enterprise. It provides the broadest platform and application automation capabilities, and has been proven to reduce operational costs, increase service quality, increase agility, and reduce service disruptions.


BMC CONTROL-M enables companies to:

Integrate all aspects of batch processing to a single focal point

Determine the impact of the batch environment on critical business services

Eliminate the need for multiple schedulers

Constantly predict status of production

Protect sensitive information through encryption and auditing

Over 2,000 organizations have installed BMC CONTROL-M, the vast majority of them replacing other schedulers. BMC CONTROL-M includes automated tools that help you convert when the time is right for you, at your own pace; we also have a large network of certified service providers that can help you switch.

See BMC CONTROL-M positioning in latest  Gartner Magic Quadrant Report  on Job Scheduling.

Download the CONTROL-M Enterprise Job Scheduling brochure.

More about CONTROL-M solutions:


BMC Control-M for Distributed Systems
Focuses on production environment's business applications and platforms, provides production-scheduling capabilities across the enterprise from a single point of control, and addresses security, reliability, availability, and scalability requirements.

BMC Control-M for z/OS
Manages and integrates z/OS operations functions and business processes proactively, and guarantees the vital service levels necessary for the success of your business management.

BMC Batch Discovery
Records critical business processes as configuration items within the BMC Atrium database – a crucial component in an ITIL best-practices implementation.

BMC Batch Impact Manager
Helps you to ensure on time completion of your critical business processes by proactively identifying potential missed SLAs.

BMC Control-M for Oracle Applications
Ensures automation and integration of business processes within and outside the Oracle applications environment, allows BMC Control-M to handle Concurrent Manager requests – such as regular batch jobs – and integrates existing BMC Control-M-managed systems.

BMC Control-M/CM for PeopleSoft
Ensures automation and integration of business processes both within and outside the PeopleSoft Enterprise environment, handles PeopleSoft Enterprise jobs like regular batch jobs, and streamlines processes and reduces manual intervention and errors.

BMC Control-M for SAP
Ensures automation and integration of business processes within and outside the SAP environment, and integrates existing BMC Control-M managed systems and independent job scheduling with SAP processing.

BMC Control-M/CM for Advanced File Transfer
Extends the power of BMC Control-M to the full management and control of file transfers, and ensures that FTP processes can be included in critical process management.

BMC Control-M Business Process Integration Suite
Enables you to control your J2EE, Web services, and messaging systems through this innovative extension.

BMC Control-M/Forecast
Allows you to plan for future application deployment, avoid potential bottlenecks, and identify improvements in processes with this extension.

BMC Control-M for Database
Businesses depend on the availability and integrity of their databases.  The management of these databases, often done manually, can be error prone, time consuming and expensive.