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BMC software

BMC Software, Inc. je vodeći ponuđač rješenja za upravljanje poslovanjem koja omogućavaju kompanijama da upravljaju IT-em iz poslovne perspektive.

Isporukom Business Service Management, BMC Software rješenja obuhvaćaju sustave poduzeća, aplikacije, baze podataka i usluge upravljanja.
Cilj BMC Software-a je osigurati tehnologiju koja će nadzirati vaše poslovne usluge 24 sata dnevno, sedam dana u tjednu, uz mogućnost predviđanja mogućih problema i sprečavanja njihovog nastanka.

Osnovan 1980 godine, BMC Software, Inc.kao primjer uspješnog poduzeća u 2013. godini ostvario je ukupni prihod od oko
2.2 milijarde USD.

4me www.4me.com

BMC software

4me is an enterprise service management (ESM) solution for seamless collaboration between internal and external service providers


4me is the only ESM solution that makes it possible for all internal departments, like IT, HR and Facilities, to work together seamlessly with each other, as well as with the managed service providers to which some services have been outsourced.
In addition to supporting the ITIL processes, 4me also provides fully integrated knowledge management, time tracking and project management capabilities. For enterprise employees, 4me is the Self Service app that is always there for them whenever they need some help.

Pricefx www.pricefx.com

BMC software

Pricefx offers a full suite of price management solutions. Already world-class and built to stay ahead of the market, these products are designed to meet both your current-state and future-state needs.

From gathering insight on your pricing data to managing strategy and bringing prices to market, our platform performs every function in the pricing process.
Through the expertise of our software engineers, the dedicated work of our customer success team and the visionary drive of our co-founders, we are committed to providing our customers and partners with the leading SaaS-based price management, price optimization and Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solution worldwide.

Our software is fast, flexible and intuitive to use. No compromises.